The Hull Building Safety Group was founded in 1968 by a consortium of local construction companies with the aim of providing a range of safety services to group members.


The building safety group became a registered company in 1972, with it's keys objectives being:


To organise, co-ordinate and encourage the provision of facilities for, and awareness of safety, in activities in or ancillary to, the Building and Construction Industry. To co-operate with the Factory Inspectorate and other authorities and bodies as regards the provision of facilities for training and education in safety matters.

Today, The Hull Building Safety group thrives with 50+ members and although primarily based in East Yorkshire, operates across the UK providing safety services and site audits of members’ construction sites.


Membership of Hull Building Safety Group is open to all companies, large and small, on payment of an annual subscription with two levels of membership, Full Membership and Associate Membership.


Working in partnership...

Health and Safety Executive
Health & Safety
Working Well Together in  South Yorkshire and Humberside
Working Well Together


Hull building safety group Humberside Yorkshire
What we do...

Here at the Hull Building Safety Group we provide safety audits and support to local construction companies to promote a safer working environment.


Additionally, we provide expert advice and assistance to keep our members fully up to date with current legislation and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) initiatives to promote a safer working environment in Construction.

Expert construction site safety advice
Full Membership

Our most comprehensive membership includes 33 site audit visits within a 60 mile radius of Hull.


Additional services:

Safety advice regarding current and new legislation

Regular safety bulletins from the HSE

Review of Members safety policy as part of an Annual Safety Audit

Provide advise on method statements and risk assessments on a telephone 'help-line' basis

Carry out accident/incident investigations, where requested  (at an additional cost)

Assistance with completing safety competency questionnaires

Provide the opportunity to attend safety group meetings and share good practice

Act as a Competent Person for Health and Safety Advice

Associate Membership

Associate Membership includes all of the additional services of our Full Membership but excludes any site audit visits.


However we do provide our Associate Members with the opportunity to meet our Safety Officer to review any safety issues or concerns.